It was my birthday. Damon and I spent the entire summer looking for Stefan. And I was trying to put on a good face because Caroline was throwing this party for me, but I was just so sad. I was two seconds from deciding I wasn’t gonna go, I was gonna leave the room, until Damon walked in to give me my birthday gift. It was the necklace that Stefan had given me. I’d lost it, but Damon knew what that necklace meant to me… what it meant about my feelings for Stefan. Even though he loved me, he gave me the one thing that represented hope for me and his brother. I knew how much it hurt him. But he did it. It was the most selfless he’d ever been. And in that moment, I loved him. I didn’t want to. It terrified me. But for that moment… I loved him.


Who is Damon Salvatore?

He was my boyfriend. He died.

I wanted to thank you for giving me everything I ever wanted, a love that consumed me, adventure, passion. There’s nothing more that I could ever want,

                                            other than for it to last f o r e v e r.

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Just take it away, p l e a s e.

The evolution of Elena’s love : from not wanting to love Damon, to not wanting to stop. [requested by undyingdelena]

"And now she is gone.”

In spite of our differences Rebekah, there is no one I would trust more with my daughter’s life.

Lea Michele attends the ‘Charles James: Beyond Fashion’ Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (x)